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Tis one went to Colin Braithwaite of Canada. Nice color match, eh?

Mandolin Straps of Montana

Mandolin Straps of Montana, my one man shop, is offering made-to-order hand tooled leather mandolin straps. I use ONLY the finest Domestic tooling leather. 

I started leather "smithing" 42 years ago. Everything I know goes into making each and every one of my straps a thing of beauty and a joy to wear.

SOME of the folks who have one of my straps include: David Grisman,Corrado GiacomelJohn Reischman, Ricky Skaggs,  Forrest O'Conner, Matt Flinner, Bruce Dix, Lowel "Banana" Levenger (of the Youngbloods),Marty Stuart,Chad Fadely, others.

Due to a recent awakening and a lot of demand, you should know that these straps are excellent for Ukulele's as well!

Kind regards

Alan David Gelman

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11.12 | 01:09

I will take photo 15 #2.

11.12 | 00:14

I would like to purchase a 3/4" strap for an F style mandolin. Photo 14 strap #2. Do you take venmo or should I just mail you a check?

27.04 | 04:18

I received my mandolin strap today and it is a beauty. Better than I expected! The quality of the workmanship is the best. The leather and tooling are superb. The strap exceeded my expectations.

24.03 | 00:23

Would you be able to make a strap for a mandola? Thanks, Kristen